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My Style:Natural with a touch of golden warmth & magic. 

It's important to understand your photographers personal style when it comes to your photo session. Each photographer has a sense of style that in unique, so being sure their style is something you like is a big factor to your overall experience. I am huge on creating an amazing experience and try to customize each session. Some photos you will see have more magic than others, or more warmth. If you have a preference, please let me know ahead of time so I can help style your session accordingly. 

I do my absolute best to break couples out of their shells in each session. Good genuine photos also depend on everyone's willingness to get out of their comfort zones. My goal is to capture you authentically, and capture those authentic smiles, laughs and hugs. 

What's Included:

Not only does your session fee include the time we spend together capturing photos, it also includes me helping you pick colors and outfits out, and I will pick the location from one of my 4-5 magical spots!  



Time: I only book during certain times to get the lighting and look you see in my photos. Please know if you request a time outside of my booking times, you may not get the look you have seen in my work. 


If you liked a certain session, please know the weather needs to be very similar to get the same feel. If it is a dreary day and no sunshine, I will likely reschedule your session or let you have the option to continue. If we have more than a 20% chance of rain, it is likely we will need to reschedule. I allow extra time in my schedule for flexibility and reschedules 



I have 4-6 outdoor Locations specifically I photograph at,  to get the warm feel to my photos,  I will work around all requests, but there are some very important elements needed when I photograph for scenery to get the feel. 

Children & Other's joining you:

I ask that you ask any individuals to help us make the session go smooth by listening and helping me when it comes to posing you. If you have little ones, I suggest bringing a toy they like, or even snacks. If you have pets, be sure to bring treats and a squeaky toy so I can get their attention. If you have a family member who needs to sit, please let me know so I can bring appropriate props and chairs. I am skilled with working with children of different ages, energy levels, behaviors, needs and temperance, so please do not be or ever feel ashamed.  


If you've had pictures taken before with someone else and didn't like them, please let me know why so I can work around whatever it is you didn't like about them. This may include the look, colors, insecurities, or angels. I do my best to capture you at your best and give my opinion on colors and outfits. My goal is to make sure you are comfortable and your session goes so smooth! 

How Do I Pay? 

I offer a few different options for you, and payment is due the day of the session, or before it's totally up to you.  I handle all my payments through my booking website. If you prefer to pay another way, please let me know and I can send you other options. 

What Should I wear? 

This is the fun part. I help you with any style issues you are having. I like to say pick 3 different colors and blend them. The easiest way is to find one shirt for a family member with a smaller pattern, than choose the colors from that pattern. 

I have some problem areas:


Be sure to wear something you feel confident and beautiful in. If your mid section is a problem area, be sure to wear things that are looser over your mid section, or flare out.  If your arms are a problem area to you, try a longer sleeve. Don't want to show those hips? wear an aline dress that accentuates your waist and flares out, or a higher flow-ey skirt. 

Be sure patterns are smaller print. No big chunky images. No neons. If you have questions, please feel free to reach out to be with any pictures of outfits at (330) 401-6910. I will help you the best I can. 

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