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Newborn Session - Info & Questionnaire 

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Step 1: Choose your Session

Step 2: Fill out Questionaire

I'll review & Send a Confirmation!

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 The Studio Session  $200

The newborn session time is usually around 1.5 hours (more or less), so please allocate this time for the shoot. This allows plenty of time to feed and settle to sleep. The ideal time for newborn photography is when the baby is between 5-9 days old. I photograph anywhere up to 4 weeks just know, After 12 days of age they are not as curly and sleepy for those modern posy shots, so you would expect more ‘lifestyle’ images. Please contact me as early as possible in your pregnancy and I will pencil in 7 days after your due date. ( My cell is 330.401.6910 or email me

Newborn studio sessions are held in the comfort of your home. I can make any size home work, and I know a lot of moms have anxiety of thinking the home has to be cleaned up, please don't worry about that, we just need a small space for our sessions, and I will rearrange anything I need to so we get that special look we want! I ask the parents to give the baby a good feed about 15 minutes before arrival so that they have a full belly and ready for a good sleep. Please put on a loose nappy so that no marks are left on the skin, and wrap the baby in a wrap or dress in loose clothing. It is best not to have other appointments on the day of the session to avoid disturbing the baby. 

After a good feed and the warmth of being wrapped up, baby is likely to stay asleep the entire time. The shooting space is nice and warm, the fan heater will be turned on/off as required. I use music on my iPad to  help keep the baby asleep.

I try to do the settling myself but hand over to mom when they need a top up feed as required.  I am well aware of newborn safety and will explain how the composite shots work upon arrival. Mom- I may need your touch and help with positioning the baby.

COVID Update: After each session I normally have a basket or two of washing, so please don’t worry if baby has accidents over the blankets. Each session I sanitize the blankets and props, so I hope that helps ease your mind. During COVID, I am more than happy to wear a mask and will bring one with me just in case that will help you feel more at ease. I also use hand sanitizer between posing baby to help deter any germs. 


"Moments at Home or Fresh 48" Lifestyle Session  $175

During a lifestyle session, I will come to your house right after a good feeding and plan to stay about an 1-1 1/2 hours. I will prepare my camera settings for lighting and  take a look around for the best areas with the most sunlight coming through. I do recommend having a main window somewhere ( it can be in the bedroom, living room) as natural light is key to a great lifestyle portrait.  

I will also bring some white curtains in case we need to add some brightness and some swaddles to choose from. The key for a baby to sleep after a feeding is keeping the home a little warmer than usual so keep that in mind with outfits and preparation. 

First, we will talk family portraits, than we will take some individually with mom and dad. Turn around time is 3 days, where your album will be uploaded via my website for you to share and download! 


Typically your album will have between 45-60 photos in it capturing you in a lifestyle moments.


Both Sessions (minis) | $325

This will last about 2.5 hours.  I'll arrive 30 minutes before start time, to setup my mobile studio in a room for the studio photos. I ask that you feed baby while I do this so he or she is ready for photos. While that room is getting warm, We will take lifestyle photos around the house. After those are complete we will start the studio session. From my experience working with newborns, we have about 2 hours after a feeding before baby becomes more alert. We will work through some different studio looks and poses based on your session questionnaire. 

Baby may need fed again, and that is totally ok! We don't want a fussy baby, and  I always plan extra time to make sure the session goes smooth to get the images you want. If baby needs fed, we will have you feed for about 10-15 minutes, and try to get baby back to sleep. 

Photos: 15-20 hand-edited images in your album. 

Step 2: Questionnaire 

Thank you so much for taking the time to help me understand you better! I cannot wait to get to know you & your family more! -Steph

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