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Why an "Investment?"

It's a Photography experience customized to your needs 

I will help you take the hassle out of planning and decision-making and deliver portraits that showcase the love in your family and bring you satisfaction and endless joy. We will pick a location, from my top 4 locations, that I have carefully chosen for the serenity, nature and beauty. From there, I will help you chose the best colors to wear for the look you want to achieve.

Can you imagine having photos that show the amount of love you have for one another, and the special bond that you share which is so unique and special. 

For family sessions,  your children will feel valued seeing their portraits displayed in your home, and more importantly, having you, their parent in the portrait with them, increases their self-esteem and sense of belonging.  It can  help a husband and wife bond, where sometimes it is hard to appreciate until you see a picture of the love you share and have towards one another. Lastly, you will feel warmth and gratification of the decision to capture such special moments in your journey. 

Each session will have an online gallery, will be professionally edited and enhanced to bring the most beauty out of the scenery. The sessions will be available to view within 1 week of your session. You will also receive a print release giving you full permission to share, print and download your beautiful photos anywhere you want. 


 To prevent distractions, no other cameras or cell phone cameras are allowed during the session. Thank you for respecting this to ensure we are able to fully focus on creating and capturing outstanding images of you and your family.  

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