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My Style: Natural with a touch of golden warmth & magic. 

It's important to understand your photographers personal style when it comes to your photo session. Each photographer has a sense of style that in unique, so being sure their style is something you like is a big factor to your overall experience. I am huge on creating an amazing experience and try to customize each session. Some photos you will see have more magic than others, or more warmth. If you have a preference, please let me know ahead of time so I can help style your session accordingly. 

I do my absolute best to break seniors out of their shells in each session. Good genuine photos also depend on everyone's willingness to get out of their comfort zones. My goal is to capture you authentically, and capture those authentic smiles, laughs and hugs. 

What's Included: Not only does your session fee include the time we spend together capturing photos, it also includes me helping you pick colors and outfits out, and I will pick the location from one of my 4 magical spots!  



Time: I only book during certain times to get the lighting and look you see in my photos. Please know if you request a time outside of my booking times, you may not get the look you have seen in my work. 

Weather - if you liked a certain session, please know the weather needs to be very similar to get the same feel. If it is a dreary day and no sunshine, I will likely reschedule your session.


Location: I have 6 outdoor Locations specifically I photograph at,  to get the warm feel to my photos,  I will work around all requests, but there are some very important elements needed when I photograph for scenery to get the feel. All locations must be approved by photographer. Any additional travel time will incur a small fee. 


Parents:  You are welcome to join as along the Session. The session will go quick and we will be moving along and walking the different locations, so you will not get too bored. 

How Do I Pay? 

I offer a few different options for you, and payment is due the day of the session, or before it's totally up to you. 


Venmo: StephVis   (last 4 of my phone is 6910) 


Cashapp: olivecostudios

Check to: Stephanie Viscounte 


Info for Your Senior: Tips and Info: 

Acne: Don’t worry about a pimple that popped up overnight or having a few blemishes, those will be removed during retouching!


Don’t try a new hairstyle the morning of your session. Play around with hairstyles in the days or weeks before and see what works and what doesn’t. You may even want to have a professional do this for you. You can’t go wrong with some beachy waves, or if you are like me and not the best at curling your hair, opt for a straight look. Use some product for that extra shine and volume but not too much that it’s stiff or oily!


Your hands will be showing in many of your photos so make sure that they are groomed. Ladies try to stick with a neutral paint color!


I know it may be obvious but ladies be sure to shave your legs or underarms if they will be shown in photos! Guys, make sure you are cleanly shaved!


If you normally wear glasses but own contact lenses, please try to wear your lenses for the shoot. Natural light can cause an unwanted glare on lenses that is very hard to remove. If this is not an option, then I will do my best to avoid glare but cannot guarantee it!

Scars/Birth Marks/ Severe Acne:

Scars and birth marks can be removed only at your request. Please tell me at the time of your session what your preference is. Severe acne may require extensive retouching. If extensive retouching is necessary, it will not be done on proofs, but will be done on the final images that you order.


A standard senior portrait includes 2-4 outfits. The one you arrive in and two wardrobe changes. Depending on the package that you booked will determine how many wardrobe changes we can do. I recommend accessories like jackets, scarves etc. that can be added/removed to create different looks. I also try to bring some things I have. 


TRY TO SEND ME CLOTHING IDEAS BEFORE HAND, (330) 401-6910 - this will help ease any stress you might have the day of and text me a photo of your outfits before your session, we will have limited time to change and plan different looks and i want you to feel and look like you. Plus I can help plan locations with the outfits you have. 

You’ll want to wear what you normally wear but “kicked up a notch”. Add some funky jewelry, a hat, leggings, a scarf, a belt or some other accessory. Just be sure that the accessory is not so loud that it distracts you. Mix up your clothing from dressy to casual— fun stuff you’d wear when you go out with your friends and something sophisticated that will work well when sending a photo in for college applications. Vary the style—for girls perhaps a long sleeved shirt for studio shots, jeans, a cute top, and a nice sundress. For guys, maybe a plain white tee and jeans, a button down shirt to put over this unbuttoned for an alternate look, and a nice button down shirt or sweater for studio shots. Can't decide what to wear? Bring a few different wardrobe choices and between the two of us we will make sure you look your absolute best!


  • Hats are great for a few shots, but please don’t wear one that will give you a “hat head”.


  • Be sure to bring along shoes to match each outfit.


  • Make sure your clothing is clean and wrinkle free!


  • Try the clothing on in advance to make sure that they fit comfortably and are flattering.


  • Regarding clothing colors, If you are having photos taken outdoors, wear a solid color or something with a splash of color to it for a nice contrast in your photos. Bring a variety of colors—not 3 blue outfits.


  • Avoid horizontal stripes, loud patterns, sleeveless shirts (for studio), and shirts with writing or big logos on the front. Solid colors work best—especially for studio portraits.


  • If you intend to wear a "strappy” dress please bring the appropriate undergarments that will not show in your photos.


  • Do not wear baggy clothing that may give the appearance that you are larger than you really are and avoid tight clothing that you are not comfortable in.

Remember that during outdoor sessions in particular locations, there may not be a place for you to change your clothes, so plan accordingly. Wear clothes that you can layer or that can be changed in your car. ( i do have a portable tent that folds up that you can change in, just not a lot of space in it and it may be hot) 

What else to Bring:

  1. Props. I love props! Especially the ones that are a part of who you are. They can add so much to a photo and give it more of a story. Ten or twenty years from now you will be looking back at these photos and remember what you were like back then. Feel free to bring sport equipment, uniforms, trophies/medals, musical instruments, tap or ballet shoes, sunglasses, iPod, books. If you are a volunteer firefighter bring a uniform or helmet. Joining the military? Bring a recruits t-shirt, a college sweatshirt or whatever it is that represents your life change after high school!

  1. Vehicles are welcome at outdoor sessions. Make sure they are clean inside and out! Pets can also be included in outdoor shots as well!


  1. Touch up stuff—lipstick, makeup, hairspray, small towel in case it's hot etc.

Senior Outfit Ideas & Styling: 

What To Wear- Style Guide — Desert Born.jpg
What To Wear- Style Guide — Desert Born-2.jpg
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